Kiradu Temples – Remains of an flourishing era

Sandstone carved entrance to the Sanctum sanctorum of one of the temples at Kiradu.

On my latest visit to Rajasthan. I visited the ruins of the famous Kiradu temples.

Google maps link :

Kiradu temples have a long history dating back to 11th century when the area was a flourishing trade centre at a busy location during the 6 – 12th century. With the start of the invasions from Afghanistan, these came under attack by the invading armies according to local tales.

These temples feature impressive sculpture and a Solanki style of architecture. The temples are called ‘The Khajuraho of Rajasthan’ due to its erotic architecture.

Sadly, the maintenance of these is in shambles, and only a permanent locked main door prevents the entry to the temple area. There are basic amenities of rest rooms provided, but no information in detail on the significance of the place and the historic details which will serve as a reference to what these are and what happened to them.

Along the walk to the other temples, I also discovered numerous discarded sculpture sections which are lying around without any evidence of intent to preserve them. Out of the 5 temples, 2 of them retain some striking examples of the craftsmanship and the door featured above shows the crafty genius of the artisans who worked on the temple.

A must visit if you are around Barmer/Jaisalmer area to see them.


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